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Hi all,

I've been getting a few enquiries on Mr Lingam's classes. He's opening up a new chemistry class for lower 6s as his current classes in KJ are full for both Bio and Chem. I heard there's a long waiting list for it too (not too sure but if its god school jz started only so gungho ah???????)

Happy School Holidays !! Max it out as this may be the last school holiday for u to devour during entire Form 6 :)


Welcome to STPM 2012/13

To the new lower six students, 

Congratz and Welcome to Form 6 !! How was orientation? I hope all of you guys had fun, new friends, new environment, and not to mention the new war - the journey to fight for a good place in university. 

Many of the lower sixes must feel anxious, anxious and more anxious due to the new syllabus. 

My 2 cents opinion, when in doubt, always refer back to the new module given. 

Question No 1: can you refer back to senior's notes and older books? 

Answer: yes of course. the materials will be pretty similar, other than the slight differences here and there. And not to forget the golden rule, when in doubt, refer back to the new module given. 

Question No 2: Many also will asked how to cope with the projects and keep up with the studies. 

My suggestion: NEVER keep the projects till the last minute. Repeat after me. NEVER WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE. 

Question No 3: Of course, some might ask, if there's a monthly test and a project deadline together and you're screwed, meaning you need to study n hand in the project. (i.e. test and project deadline one after another or on the same day) Which one should you go for? 

My suggestion: if the marks from the test is not calculated into your final STPM results, screw it. BUT this does not mean that I suggest you to neglect your test and not study at all. The marks for the projects are taken into the final STPM results immediately, which is why the project will be your priority instead of a monthly test given by teachers in order to see your performance. 

Question No 4: What if both tests and projects are taken into the final STPM results

My suggestion: Put up an all nighter, start praying as hard as possible, take the relevant chapters burn it into ashes and drink the water and then start cursing and crying as hard while doing your project.NO I'M KIDDING. This is the worst case scenario, if this happens to you, my condolence. 

The real suggestion: Skip School. Yes you didnt read it wrongly, skip school. Wake up the same time you go to school, but instead of going to school, study and finish up the projects. Coffee all day if you need. but remember, whenever there's a test the next day, get good sleep. Nothing beats a good night sleep, waking up  fresh, do a quick revise over your short notes and then go to school well prepared with your test and a well done project :) 
ps: If there are any teachers reading this, pls dont start scolding me :( 

Question No 5: Any tuitions needed? 

My suggestion: Personal preference. Of course having tuition means having an 'insured' teacher helping you other than the school teachers. If you think you need tuition, start it early, dont leave it to the last minute because tuition teachers usually finish the syllabus a lot earlier compare to school, as there are no disruptions such as projects/school events. However, you might also be listening to some seniors with good results that strongly advocates self studying and not rely on anyone. Then again, to each his own, not all can study on their own and neither all can learn from tuition. So, whether to take up tuition or not, it is totally up to you. 

Question No 6: How to score? 

Answer: Very simple. Study consistently and do not procrastinate. Do all your homework everyday and revise daily. Get extra questions from reference books, go through them. Ask your teacher if you dont understand (This is where tuition teachers come in handy, because personally, I'm more comfortable consulting my tuition teacher than school teachers. I dont know why, dont ask me. It has always been like this since primary days) But to be persistent in studies is definitely easier said than done.   


Spread the News around

I'm sure most of you must have heard/saw the news about a young boy being kidnapped outside Mont Kiara school. His name is Nayati Shamelin Moodliar, 12 years old, of Dutch nationality. He was abducted by two dark-skinned men in a black Proton Persona with the registration number WNH 1356. However police have confirmed that it is a fake number plate. Guys please keep an eye of your surrounding. If you  happen to see this boy, pls help him immediately or if you have seen the car, call the police or these numbers 019-233 3065/012-689 5377 asap.

New Modular STPM 2012/13 Pengajian Am

900 SP Pengajian Am


Entrance for Lower 6 2012

Hello all, For the SPM leavers who has decided to go into Form 6 and wants to check your status. Click here 

You'll see a page like this, type in your IC number and Voila..there u go.


Chemistry Notes - States of Matter (A Levels)

States of Matter -


New STPM Modular - Maths T

954 SP Math_T_ -


lower 6 tuition classes 2012

Source: memebase builder 

Le junior if u happen to read this..please dont get mad at me..hahaha
For everyone's convenience, i'm going to post Mr Lingam's lower 6 classes schedule here..I've received few emails asking bout it. (my god why r u guys so hardcore??????? chillax laaaahhh)
so there..

Chemistry only - tuesday 6.45pm to 9pm RM90
Biology students who wants to take both bio n chemistry - 1.45 to 6pm on saturdays RM150

Those who wants edusmart's number for Mr Ong's classes let me know..then again..anyone who's interested in the chem n bio class n wants Mr Lingam's number, drop me an email

PS: Congratulations on STPM 2011's results. for those who did well, congratulations !!! ur hardwork paid off n u deserved it. for those who didnt meet their expectations, dont fret over it, cry, get upset n then move on, do better in ur degree. STPM is jz a step stone into degree, u havent lost the battle yet. to tell the truth, u havent even started the journey yet :)


New STPM Modular - Physics 2012/13

960 SP Physics -


New STPM Modular - Chemistry 2012/2013

962 SP Chemistry


New Modular STPM 2012/13 Biology

964 SP Biology - Source: MPM

NEW STPM Module for 2012

Syllabus will be updated soon..stay tuned :)

new post for 2012

I know I know...super late post for 2012 (to be exact 33 days late..completely unforgivable..will work hard to post stuffs on it) guys pls enjoy your students life while you can.. STPM 2011 students must be relaxing at home now *jealous* will update a post on how to apply to local uni and Australian unis (I graduated from aussie school..heh..super proud of it :P [super perasan rite? hah !!])

In the meantime, am introducing some new books for students preparing for MUET, also for leisure reading.

Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl - sad story of a young Jewish girl

Mark Haddon - The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time

Joseph Heller - Catch 22

Will. update in few days time. I promise :)