Confusion with Kasturi Tuition?


I haven't posted for awhile (well a year to be exact), work's crazy. I wish I am still living the student life. But I still do reply emails.

Recently it came to my attention that there is some confusion with the Form 6 classes in PTK, and I have been answering the same questions over and over again on LI and LG for the past week. Imagine the agony.

In this blog and from my personal experience, I have recommended Mr Lingam, Mr Ong, Mr. Murugan, Yakin for PA, that particular post can be found here Form 6 tuition teachers.

Few days ago I was told by some Upper 6 students that PTK staffs USHERED them into another guy's class (LI), who is Mr. Murali. Because I am no longer a form 6 student, nor do I look like one now, I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT try to enter the centre as a student to verify if this is true or if it's a bad joke told by students or confusion among the PTK staffs themselves. And it definitely does not help when these two teachers share the same timetable.

SO, IF YOU ENTER THE WRONG CLASS AND REALIZED IT'S NOT WHAT YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR, i.e. you signed up for Mr. Lingam's class (LG) and you are ushered to Mr. Murali's class (LI); vice versa, please voice up politely. Your parents paid your tuition fees and you HAVE THE RIGHTS to attend whatever classes you want.

Now, questions thrown to me.

Q1. Who is Mr. Murali? 
ANS. I have no idea. I have not heard of him when I was doing my form 6 and I have not attended his class. Therefore I cannot answer this.

Q2. Who is better? Mr. Murali (LI) or Mr Lingam (LG)? 
ANS. I can't answer this question as well. Re Q1. I have not attended Mr. Murali's class, neither have I heard of him. BUT, for Mr. Lingam, and I can testify that his classes are informative and well taught.

Q3. I want to change the class, I don't like Mr. Murali's class; vice versa.
ANS. Go talk to the staff, be polite and let them know which class you want to enter.

Q4. Why are the staffs ushering me to class?
ANS. Maybe you monkeys have been playing truant a lot, or you monkeys did hanky panky stuffs?? There was no ushering during my time. If you don't like to be ushered/walked to class by the staffs, just tell them you know your way. Again, be polite.

Q5. PTK staffs have been insisting that I sign up for LI (Mr. Murali)'s class instead of LG (Mr. Lingam)? 
ANS. Ask them for the reason. If Mr Lingam's class is full and you really want to attend his classes, please call the Kelana Jaya side. Number and info found here

Q6. I want to try both Mr. Murali(LI) and Mr Lingam (LG)s' classes? 
ANS. You a bit itchy backside right?
Jokes apart, since both teachers share the same timetable, maybe 1 week LI, 1 week LG and you make the call by the end of the two weeks. DO NOT KEEP DOING THIS BECAUSE IT WILL AFFECT YOUR OWN STUDIES.

I hope this post will clear up all the clouds and questions you guys have. Again, feel free to email me. I might not be updating the blog, but I will check the mailbox every now and then. I apologies ahead for late replies.

Disclaimer: I do not know Mr. Murali, I have not attended his classes. Neither am i paid by PTK or Mr. Lingam. This post came up because there was just too many similar emails. 


Mr Lingam's Kelana Jaya Lower 6 Tuition 2014

Mr Lingam will be opening up a class in June for the new lower 6s.

Details for the classes are:

Saturday (1st class commencing on the 7th of June 2014)
2.15 - 4 pm: Chem
4.15 - 6 pm: Bio

Monthly Tuition Fee: RM 90 per subject with an additional RM 20 for notes per semester.

Further information can be found on the centre's website Mr Lingam Kelana Jaya STPM Tuition


Tuition Classes

Hi guys,

Sorry haven't been updating at all. I have only been replying emails for the past year. Workload is horrible.  I miss my schooling days :( But I have got a few emails asking similar questions on Form 6 tuition. I'll give my same old reply as I have posted here Form 6 tuition teachers recommendation. There have also been questions on if these recommended teachers can teach because its the "new syllabus" now. To be honest, its pretty much the same old thing but just have been semester-ised....

Similar questions I have gotten

Q1. Mr Lingam teaches in 2 tuition centres. Does he teach the same thing for both? (to be very honest...what kinda question is this????????? But I do get where you come from, because Kasturi is a big class, Kelana Jaya relatively small..bla bla bla....)

ANS Yes I am very sure Mr Lingam teaches the same in both centres. I transferred from Kasturi to his then Subang centre..

Reason why I transferred was Kasturi's class is too big...and I love attention (just kidding !!!!) But can you imagine a class with 100 over students...say 20 of them approaches the teacher after class to ask 1 question each..and you are that number 21..the queue !!!!! Also it's easier to ask questions during the lessons in small classes (my own preference though) And also..since the classes are small (no admin coming in to do a 15 - 20 mins attendance in the middle of the class), there's always more time for us to go through extra exercises in class. This is something that can't be done in Kasturi though, especially when exam is around the corner. 

Q2.  Where is Mr Ong teaching for maths??? 

ANS  As far as I know....Kolej Bandar..I used to take under Edusmart PJ..but I'm not too sure if he's still teaching there. But yes he is a very very good maths teacher, one of the best I've ever came across. 

Q3. Help !!!! I cant concentrate for studies !!! And tell me how to improve my English !!!!! 

ANS. If you cant concentrate, call it a day, go out, have some outdoor activities..then restart tomorrow. English wise, there's no speed learning...its not like maths where master a language, u need to  work hard and perspire (literally) but if you start reading English newspapers (I know there's been this widespread thingy of boycott this newspaper that newspaper for various reasons) but let's try the Sun for now, its thin, easy to read and has pretty good contents. And, it helps to start tuning into BFM, maybe too heavy for some..but it might come in handy during speaking tests. Start picking up novels, let it be LOTR, Harry Potter (English version please)....

That's it for now...Update soon.... 


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Community Service Announcement :P

Hi all,

I've been getting a few enquiries on Mr Lingam's classes. He's opening up a new chemistry class for lower 6s as his current classes in KJ are full for both Bio and Chem. I heard there's a long waiting list for it too (not too sure but if its god school jz started only so gungho ah???????)

Happy School Holidays !! Max it out as this may be the last school holiday for u to devour during entire Form 6 :)