STPM 2011 - Johor Chemistry Paper 1 & 2(w answers)

Hey guys,

I have confirmed that Mr Lingam is NOT giving any seminars in CS academy. Please take note. Those who have paid up and wished to withdraw your money, kindly contact CS academy on it yeah :)



Hey guys..I hope everyone's coping well with Form 6's workload. Having fun very stressful huh? (:  To those who cant get into Mr Lingam's Kasturi classes (I heard its very packed), please don't ask if I can get u in. Unfortunately, I don't own Kasturi (I wish I do) I can only provide Mr Lingam's contact details and I think there's still a few more places in his Subang tuition (I'm not too sure bout this) Sorry guys...I wish I could help :(

Good luck with Form 6 and all the best :)

*update: Mr Lingam has confirmed on the Bio & Chem STPM seminar with CS academy. I will post up more info soon. Anyone who needs further info, please pm/leave a comment. I'll email the contact details of the tuition centre*

**update: I heard that Mr Lingam is NOT be teaching/giving seminars in CS Academy. Will post an update on it soon.For those who have registered and not attended any seminars, pls ouble confirm with the tuition centre.