Hey guys..I hope everyone's coping well with Form 6's workload. Having fun very stressful huh? (:  To those who cant get into Mr Lingam's Kasturi classes (I heard its very packed), please don't ask if I can get u in. Unfortunately, I don't own Kasturi (I wish I do) I can only provide Mr Lingam's contact details and I think there's still a few more places in his Subang tuition (I'm not too sure bout this) Sorry guys...I wish I could help :(

Good luck with Form 6 and all the best :)

*update: Mr Lingam has confirmed on the Bio & Chem STPM seminar with CS academy. I will post up more info soon. Anyone who needs further info, please pm/leave a comment. I'll email the contact details of the tuition centre*

**update: I heard that Mr Lingam is NOT be teaching/giving seminars in CS Academy. Will post an update on it soon.For those who have registered and not attended any seminars, pls ouble confirm with the tuition centre.


  1. Hi,
    Mr lingam is having seminar in pusat tuisyen Cs
    A new tuition center in taman Connaught, cheras.
    I just call up to register today..
    The tuition centre not start business yet o
    Hope can help u la
    But I open for registration dy
    Mr lingam
    Mr Thava
    Mr sugus
    Mr Thava
    Mr lee
    R giving seminar
    N ths tuition center seems like targeting stpm students
    All well known teachers

    1. Hi Shirley! Sorry for being so random :(
      I have e-mailed 'STPM' but I'm in a rush for a reply so I was wondering if you can e-mail me Mr.Lingam's contact number :)
      Thanks! Hope to hear from you real soon! God bless you! :D

  2. Hi Shirley, do you mind sending me the info? for instance how much per students, address n all? then I can post it up. thanks :)

  3. CS Academy right?? i heard from my friends said about it too! the center are very near to my house. wohoooo! so i dont need to go kasturi anymore! its so troublesome to go all the way there! i think i will go register on friday. if i get the contact number will post here then. *happy* XD

  4. yeah CS Academy..I have the number but I wont post it here till Tuesday night, for some confirmation reason. PM me if u want the number though :) yeah I heard Mr Lingam's class is pretty packed ;)

  5. ??
    Feel weird with the update...
    Dun u know mr lingam dy confirm to hav Chem n bio seminar for both SPM n Stpm a day ago?
    Hurry up lo~

  6. @ shirley: What is so weird about the update? I have contacted Mr Lingam and the confirmation for the tuition was done LAST NIGHT and it is ONLY STPM.NO SPM. I DO NOT POST UNCONFIRMED info on my website because it is MISCONDUCT.

  7. Huh
    Reli?!I think I got the wrong info
    Thanks a lot
    Sorry for being so offensive..

  8. @Shirley, jz out of curiosity. By any chance,r u Shirley Loke?

  9. ????
    i am chin lee yin from smk jit sin.
    shirley is my english name??

  10. nah..jz out of curiosity :) btw, all the best in ur studiest :)

  11. By the way, do u hav past year maths t paper? Can upload here? Crazy for it =.=

  12. I'll look around for it..I think I have a few. Let me check then I'll get bk to u :)

  13. @shirley: I hv uploaded the maths T by chapters some time bk and Chung Ling's paper. uploading Johor's paper soon. without answers though

  14. thx a lot.
    and it is so so so tough!!

  15. no worries..u'll get used to it soon :) I uploaded the kedah trial paper. at the bottom of this post

  16. Hey can u email me the contacts pls?
    thx alot =)

  17. Hi Byran, I've already emailed you the contact details. Let me know if u didnt get it :)

  18. Havent got anything yet. No offense but i think u may have spelled bryan wrong on my email. Can u pls try again? Thx =)