lower 6 tuition classes 2012

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Le junior if u happen to read this..please dont get mad at me..hahaha
For everyone's convenience, i'm going to post Mr Lingam's lower 6 classes schedule here..I've received few emails asking bout it. (my god why r u guys so hardcore??????? chillax laaaahhh)
so there..

Chemistry only - tuesday 6.45pm to 9pm RM90
Biology students who wants to take both bio n chemistry - 1.45 to 6pm on saturdays RM150

Those who wants edusmart's number for Mr Ong's classes let me know..then again..anyone who's interested in the chem n bio class n wants Mr Lingam's number, drop me an email

PS: Congratulations on STPM 2011's results. for those who did well, congratulations !!! ur hardwork paid off n u deserved it. for those who didnt meet their expectations, dont fret over it, cry, get upset n then move on, do better in ur degree. STPM is jz a step stone into degree, u havent lost the battle yet. to tell the truth, u havent even started the journey yet :)

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