How to prepare for MUET

Congratulations to all who got into lower 6. This will be your 1st step to degree.

Today I'm going to share some a few tips to prepare for Muet.

1. Start reading English materials, other than textbook (surf the web to read famous blogs, CNN news, Star Newspaper, NST, novels even chick flick  ) [This will help improve your vocabulary as well as grammar structures]

2. Listen to English news,  Tune in to English Radio Stations ( morning show is a good entertainment, if you're driving to school/being driven to school or BFM if you're fairly interested in Business World) [This will help in preparing for the listening part] 
ps: listening to news also helps with Pengajian Am: killing two birds with 1 stone

3. Speak. It's the best way to practice for the oral test, doesn't matter if you're good at it. Practice makes things perfect

If you follow this since day 1 in STPM, you'd be surprised how much you've improved when MUET comes

Good Luck n All the best

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