Letter to my 16 years old self

I read this on Nuffnang co-founder's blog. I think it'll be a slight change to write something about me rather than the usual academic work I post. 

Dear 16 year old me,

Its been many years away from you now, I went through many storms and hurricanes, ups and downs, achievements and underachievement.  You would never know that one day you'll be overseas studying alone, don't you? Neither would you expect to study for STPM, because the ultimate dream was always to go into college. Mommy wants to send you oversesas but mommy thinks that going into Form Six will mould you into a more mature person.

What mommy said is true. You got your very 1st culture shock in Form Six and underperformed. With your abilities, you could have achieved much more. But you learned some very important things which will be a good lesson for you in life, that no everyone will treat you the way you treat them, and you have to learn how to protect yourself. Because when you come out to work 1 day, people relations is going to be much more tougher and complicated than this.

I know you'll be worked out throughout Form Six knowing you cant perform well because you hated it.You even wanted to drop for college. But don't do that, because you've learnt so much, both academic wise and people relation wise. It's better to fall apart then than later, it won't be easy to pick yourself up if you fall apart now. Besides, you did manage to get into a pretty good university, didn't you? After all the loathing of Form Six, you still opened up a blog, hoping to help current/future form 6 students. That's a good improvement, and a sign of maturity. Isnt it?

Relationship wise, you never had much luck with guys. Your 1st puppy love told you he fell for someone else. You had evidence of your 2nd bf cheating on you, but you put on a blind eye and trusted him. Stupid huh, Well you're in talking terms with him now but you keep a distance from him and don't believe in true love anymore. I believe it must have been a painful heartbreaking lesson, but don't give up on love. You'll find someone great 1 day. Well, its not that you've been truly faithful to him as well, you had a crush on a guy in college, and so did he. Sounds like a real complicated relationship, but you were younger and playful then.

I guess you've done pretty well for now. I believe you'll achieve much more in another 5 years time.

Yours truly,
the current you

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