What to expect in Form Six

Congratulations to all who got into lower six. There are several things which are different compare to Form 1 to 5.

1. Hard work, loads of hardwork. Then again you can burn your books, mix the ashes into your favourite drink and drink it daily.  (I'm just kidding); the trick is to study hard and study smart; and play hard too.

2. NO textbooks in Form six, only reference books. Therefore you don't have to apply for Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks.

3. NEVER take things for granted in Form 6. You can get away with it in SPM but not STPM. If you're unsure of anything, ask your class teacher/tuition teacher (who ever you feel comfortable approaching personally)

4. If you think you need tuition/extra help, take it from day 1. Don't have the "let's wait and see if I can catch up" attitude, because the course gets harder by day. Not easier. However, don't expect spoon feeding. Many teachers usually run through the book as quickly as possible because there's too much to cover.

5. Raise your expecation level for difficult, things are not and will never be peanuts. 

6. Participate in curricular activities, its a fun way to relax as well as a good way to make more friends (if you're in a new school)

7. Study CONSTANTLY - do your homework & revision every week. 

Last but not least....GOOD LUCK & ALL THE BEST (:



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