How to Deal with Exam Stress

Many students face exam stress whenever exam is around the corner, especially when STPM is a huge paper and every single paper counts because it symbolizes the amount of practice exams before you sit for the real deal.

I'm going to share a few ways to deal with exam stress:

1. Stay away from distractions, including all social networking sites, typically the night before your paper.

2. Learn how to say NO. Be selfish before your exam, you and your paper are the main priorities. When you realised you wont be able to finish your revision if you go out, reject the offer politely and make it up to your friends/family/relatives after you've finished your exam.

3. Drink plenty of fluids and eat good food (stay away from junk food when you're doing your last minute studying. If you must eat something, take some good junkies like cereal bars, good chocolate bars, fruits and even a cup of hot tea will do the trick sometimes)

4. Go for a quick walk around the house when you realised you cant concentrate anymore. Also watch some thing light, i.e. comedy show (don't overdo the relaxing part, you have a paper to study, remember? )

5. Sleep well, dont go all nighters. You'll crash during the paper.

6. Stay calm and dont panic !!! Even if you've not finished the few chapters, the chances of the whole paper consists only that 1 or 2 chapters is highly unlikely.

7. Finally on the exam day, take a deep breathe, take a good breakfast/lunch (dont take heavy meals because you might feel sleepy after a good meal) Bring in a cereal bar/a good chocolate bar if you feel you might get hungry in the middle of your exam.


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