How to Prepare for Muet (Last Minute)

If you're finding yourself in deep trouble because MUET is around the corner and you haven't done much, you've come to the right place.

Golden Rule No 1 for Last Minute Studying: DO NOT PANIC

1. START READING: spend 1 hour everyday in reading English newspaper, the news section preferably (I know many of you pay heaps of attention to Entertainment Section, so do I)

2. BUY/DOWNLOAD ILLEGALLY /BORROW a good English Workbook. It'll be your best friend until you've sat for MUET.

3. If you spend a lot of time watching shows like Gossip Girl, House, CSI, NCIS it WITHOUT the subtitles. You can easily take the subtitles out from tv, and even video. If all fails, take a piece of A4 paper n cover the subtitle area when you're watching your daily dosage of shows.

4.Speak more. Practice Practice Practice.

5. Tune into ONLY ENGLISH radio stations, of course until the day you finished your MUET paper.

PS: Last Minute studying is strongly discouraged. This is just a guideline to help students who're in trouble. (:


  1. if i don't take any tuition of muet....i scare i will that every teacher that teaches muet hav teach students in their school...

  2. @Mina: Have you tried scouting around for MUET tuition around your area? If you cant find any,is there any tuition centers that teaches solely English, something like British Council? (I've been attending English classes in British Council since young because of Mom pressure. hahaz.It kinda paid off.) If you can't find any, I'll post some good English articles once a week. Hope that helps :)

  3. Hi, if u don't mind can u share with me the tips to answer the muet exam? especially in reading part. thank u :)