Tips to prepare Maths T/S

1. Practice, practice, practice. Go through all the questions in the reference books and tuition questions (if you go for tuitions) Do not memorize, understand the workings because maths is not a memorizing subject.

2. Get a good reference book other than the one your teacher uses. Most school usually use Pelangi, but I also use Federal Study Aids Mathematics T (Its just a recommendation, only you know which book suits you best. Therefore it is good to spend some time in the bookshop comparing the books) 

3. If you think you need tuition, go for it, don't hesitate (I know a lot of people strongly state that you should study on your own and don't expect to be spoon fed, but if its not too much of a financial burden, sometimes a bit of extra help is really good)  

4. Do your homework, don't pile your maths homework. You'll lose the mood to work on maths homework when the homework seems never ending.

5. Ask. If you don't understand, ask. Don't be shy. Go up to your teacher personally and ask for his/her help. Teachers are always more than willing to help you, provided you ask politely and with a beaming smile (: 

6. Never give up. If you find yourself not understanding anything, don't skip it. Mark the parts you don't understand and come back later. 


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