How to concentrate on Studying

I'm sure many students are struggling with concentration, so do I. (I have really short concentration span and lose interest in things almost immediately)

1. Make a schedule (old school, but write down what you want to accomplish that day on a piece of paper;yo u'll feel a sense of achievement when you strike out the things you've done)
2. Choose a nice spot to study (library, your room etc)
3. Get Physical (no, not what you're thinking) Use Highlighters, Pens/pencils to scribble what you've read
4. Grab some brain food, i.e power bar (I use Nescafe white coffee.. not a good advice but it works for me :S)
5. Tidy up ur table b4 studying, you can never focus in a table which looks like disaster zone.
6. Last but not least.... when you're studying, stay away from Facebook, twitter, plurk, Msn/Yahoo/Meebo/ebuddy !!! :) (trust me, it works all time, facebook is sinful..very very sinful)

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